MOM Motherhood

From conception to birth giving, a woman goes through a lot of changes both physically and emotionally. It is obvious that everyone obtains medical support to adapt to these changes and look forward to the big day of birth giving. While we recollect the yesteryears when birth giving was just another home affair, today expectant parents are more cautious about the health of the mother and the baby.

MOM is an initiative of CIMAR to make the birth giving event a careful, peaceful and a memorable one. In addition to the extensive medical facilities, MOM is a step ahead in giving ultimate comfort and luxury to the mother and the baby.

Feel like a celebrity in our most advanced and stylish maternity suites and birthing suites. We pray every mother to have a normal delivery. We are also equipped to handle High Risk Pregnancy and Painless Delivery. Our Neonatal Care Unit has finest facilities to take care of the new born baby.

So why choose a premium birth center when there are plenty of hospitals around?

Birth center offers a more personalized care for the mother to be and the family. The mother to be can stay relaxed and get friendly medical support from nurses and doctors as the labor progress unlike a busy hospital where you have to give birth according to others convenience and schedule.

As mentioned in the beginning, the mother to be is given advice about maintaining weight and exercise. Exercise can make a pregnant lady relaxed and get rid of the usual cramps and pain. Dietary consultations will give you details about the food to be added and the food to be avoided in your diet to avoid overweight. There are sessions for fathers-to-be also to prepare themselves for the big day.

Once the pregnancy is confirmed, choose from the various MOM packages that suits you. We welcome you to celebrate the precious moment of your life at our five star birthing facility called MOM.