Things people say

Being pregnant gives you real insight into human nature. It’s been fascinating to see how people reacted to our big news, who willingly offers up their seats on the train to me, and the whacked remarks that occasionally come out of people’s mouths. Here are some of the things pregnant women have been hearing these past few months:

“I can tell you’re having a boy, you’re carrying low/high/wide/whatever.”
Although science has yet to link the shape of a pregnant woman’s belly to the gender of the baby she’s having, that doesn’t stop people from guessing … or making you feel yet more elephant-like than you already do.

“Are you carrying twins?”
Nope. There’s just one baby in there, and a lot of pasta.

“Can I touch your belly?”
What you’d like to say: “For a small fee!”
What you usually say: “Sure!”

“Do you know what you’re having?”
Yes! You opted to have a baby over a tadpole or puppy.

“You’re getting close!”
You’ve actually still got two months to go!

“You look tired.”
That’s because you are, thank pregnancy insomnia. And now, you are hyper-aware that your concealer isn’t working!

“Oh, my ankles also got swollen when I was pregnant.”
Um, your ankles actually always look this way?

“Get in all the sleep you can now.”
Reality check: Sleep is not like a savings account — you can’t save it up for a dry spell.

“You’ve got that pregnant woman glow!”
This, you will never get tired of hearing 🙂