Safe Winter Pregnancy

Safe Winter Pregnancy
Stay safe during a winter pregnancy!
It’s amazing being pregnant any time of year, of course, but winter brings on a few special challenges. How to stay comfy and minimize mama-to-be worries when winter hits? Here are some smartest tips to keep you warm and safe during your pregnancy. 
Eat healthy
  • Eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of fluids during the winter months will help keep illnesses at bay. Here are some easy ways to boost your nutritional intake.
  • Eat plenty of fruits. They are tasty, full of vitamins, and a juicy way to stay hydrated in winter.
  • Drink kesar (saffron) milk. Saffron is generally believed to boost immunity and body temperature.
  • Eat a handful of nuts every day. They are rich in natural oils and vitamins, and are tasty, too. Just be mindful that too much can add too many calories.
  • Keep a bottle of water handy. It may be winter, but it is important to stay hydrated.
  • Sip on herbal teas. Prepare it by boiling tulsi leaves and ginger in water. Add a dash of honey, if you like it sweet. It’s best not to drink too many cups of regular tea (with milk) and coffee. Too much caffeine can lead to dehydration.
Look beautiful, feel good
  • Follow a regular skincare routine to combat the winter sun and the dry, chilly winds.
  • Try not to have long, hot baths. Instead, shower with lukewarm water. Try to finish your shower within four to five minutes. This will help prevent dry skin and eczema, which are common in winter.
  • Moisturise your skin straight after a bath. Use an intensive moisturising cream instead of lotion.
  • Apply glycerine and vaseline to your face and other dry areas of your body.
  • Use a moisturising lip balm regularly. Or just coat your lips with glycerine-rosewater mixture.
  • Oil your hair twice a week and use a deep conditioner after shampoo.
  • Get frequent head, foot and back massages. They will not just relax you, but also improve circulation.
  • The weather is bound to make you feel lazy. Make sure that you keep yourself active around the house. Go for a walk in the evenings.
Dress comfortably
  • What you wear can go a long way in making you feel comfortable.
  • Wear cotton camisoles or undershirts under woollen garments. Wool can make your skin itch.
  • Put on gloves when you step out of the house to protect your hands from the cool dry air.
  • Wear a hat or a scarf when you leave the house, especially in the evening.
  • Woollen socks and closed shoes are a must to keep your feet warm.
  • Wear trousers and skirts that are not too tight at the waist.
  • Ensure that you keep yourself warm and make yourself comfortable, even when you are inside the house.
  • Use oil-based heaters, instead of electric ones. Oil-based heaters take a longer time to heat up, but they are known to cause less dryness.
  • Use a humidifier to counter the dryness generated by a heater. Or you can keep a bowl of water in front of the heater. This helps to add moisture to the dry air.
  • Keep indoor plants. They give off moisture and oxygen, and can brighten up a dull day.
  • Listen to music. It will help you relax.
  • Stock up with books you always wanted to read. When you are too tired to do anything else on a winter evening, a book by your favourite author will be just the thing.