Maternity Delivery Package MOM Superior
  • Caesarean
    4 nights in standard room at the time of delivery
    All routine obstetric consultations (limited to 14 visits)
    All routine medicines inclusive of post discharge medication for 30 days (iron, calcium, folic acid)
    Routine lab tests (twice) -HB, blood, urine, OGTT, BG, Serology, TFT,combined test, cross match (in first trimester & before delivery, if delivery after 6 months from first test)
    Routine scans – 12 weeks, 20 weeks / additional by 0B (Limited to 4)
    CTG (limited to 4)
    Physiotherapy consultation – 2
    Dietician consultations – 2
    Procedure charges
    Post natal doctor visits for 3 days
    1 Post natal review (after 15 days from discharge)
    Patient diet
    Anesthetic charges
    Theatre / post operative charges (8 hours)


Neonatology consultation
Post natal neonatologist visits – 2
Screening – hearing / metabolic / bilirubin
Vaccines @ birth (OPV, BCG)
NICU observation charge (8 hours)

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