Baby Care

Looking After Your Baby

3Bathing Basics

Baby care

Put together all things necessary to bathe the baby: tub/sheet, soap, oil, towel, fresh clothes etc. Do not use hot or cold water, but use lukewarm water. If you are using a tub, fill it with about 5-6 inches of water. When you make him sit, the water should never exceed waist height. Support the baby’s head and neck at all times. Hold him carefully to avoid slipping, if you are using a sheet. Don’t massage him vigorously. They like gentle loving touch. Just cleansing with soap and water is enough for them. Make sure that all the soap is washed off. Gently dry off all the water. Take special care to dry off all the folders, armpits and genital area. Then dress the baby and feed him, he is ready to fall asleep.

Stool Facts

A newborn baby may pass 6- 16 stools in 24 hours. The colour and consistency of the stools vary according to what feed your baby may be getting. Your newborn baby usually passes stools after each feed which may be 10 to 12 times a day. The first few stools are black in colour, later they become green, then greenish yellow and finally golden colour by five to seven days. By three to four months, the number of stools lessen down to 4 to 8 per day. By eight to ten months, baby would pass 2 to 4 stools a day.

Preventing Nappy Rash

Breastfed babies have lesser incidents of nappy rash than bottle fed babies. Frequent changes of nappies- at least 6-7 times a day is recommended, for prolonged contact of stools and urine can irritate your baby’s skin. Use good quality absorbent diapers. Dab the area completely dry after each wash. Air the baby’s bottom, by keeping it bare, off and on.

Umbilical Cord Care

Keep the area around the umbilical cord clean. Do not apply any powder or ointment. The umbilical cord stump will fall off its own within 5- 8 days. After the cord has fallen, keep the area clean and dry.

Burping Tips

After feeding, hold your baby upright with its head on your shoulder. Support baby’s head and back. Then gently pat its back with your hand. Lay your baby, face down on your lap. Support your baby’s head. Gently pat his/ her back. Always burp your baby after feeding. Keep him/her in an upright position for at least 10 minutes to avoid spitting up.