Birth Stories

Special moms have special kids. They deserve special birthing. These proud moms chose birth centers to make those moments the most memorable. They have their own solid reasons too.

Birth Stories

Motherhood is beautiful and it becomes more beautiful when the pregnancy and delivery becomes calm and enjoying. In that sense, my experience with MOM birth center of CIMAR was amazing. Experienced panel of doctors, nursing staff, their composed conduct, en suite facilities, antenatal packages, and proper guid-ance at anytime… all are remarkable. As per our needs they provide facilities and care. Service is all that makes MOM different. I recommend everyone to experience at least once the magic of motherhood at MOM.

03rd November, 2015


I want to thank MOM for the dedicated service rendered to me during my delivery. Since it was my first delivery, I had naturally some apprehensions. But, I am glad to state that it was a happy experience. The doctors and the nursing staff were very attentive and highly commit-ted. They were always there to assist and help, physically and emotionally. Theirs was a service with a smile. The environment was also very calm and quiet. From every aspect, including its cleanliness and orderliness, MOM is a fine example of what a modern birth center should be.

17th January, 2016

Dimple Sanosh