Birthing Suite

Childbirth is a life event eagerly anticipated by a family. Though it’s a joyful occasion, childbirth comes with immense stress. We understand the physical and emotional turmoil childbirth often brings on in a couple’s life. Our birthing suite is a birthing heaven well-equipped with the most efficient facilities to help the expectant mom be at ease, both physically and mentally, as she brings her precious one to this world.

birthing suite

At the cutting edge of medical facilities for birthing

CIMAR birthing suite is a new, state-of-the art antenatal facility in Kerala. We have two private birthing suites well-equipped with all the facilities to carefully monitor the mother and her baby. For some, the presence of complex medical machinery in the birthing environment can be intimidating. For this reason, all the equipments are camouflaged to make the birthing suite look more like a regular room. Our expert team of doctors will constantly look into the medical needs of the mother and her baby. Moreover, we will be there by your side during the hours preceding and following the delivery.

The team of doctors in the birthing suite include an obstetrician, a gynecologist, maternal fetal medicine specialists, an anesthesiologist and a neonatologist, to ensure safe and smooth transition to motherhood . Additionally, the expectant mom will be accompanied by trained nurses. Our nurses will make sure that she feels comfortable in the birthing suite. The compassionate assistance of the nursing team will be a strong support while in labour, especially for first-time mothers. The birthing suite is carefully designed to handle emergency situations in the best possible manner. Also, our team is fully equipped to immediately execute the necessary course of action in case of an emergency.


The birthing suite is located on the first floor of CIMAR Block. For easy access and immediate action in case of an emergency, the birthing suite is placed on the same floor as the theatre complex and NICU . The theatre complex is well equipped to handle emergency cesarean sections. Level 2 NICU has all the modern amenities to take care of your little ones special health needs. For emergencies we have an in house gynecologist available 24 X 7. Also, the birthing suite is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Adjacent to the birthing suite, we have a spacious waiting area for the families of expectant mothers.


Coping with labour pain

As labour pain increases, the mom can use various coping strategies available at the birthing suite. The following are some of the coping strategies we provide at the birthing suite:

Breathing Exercises

The antenatal care plan at CIMAR birthing suite includes a physiotherapy consultation. Our physiotherapist will help the expectant mom learn and practice breathing exercises. In addition to this, she will be given insights on other measures to make herself feel relaxed while in labour.

Massage and Hot Water Bags

Additionally, the birthing suite is equipped with massage facilities. Along with massages, using hot water bags available at the birthing suite can be very soothing.

Inhalation Agents

At the birthing suite, we also provide the option to use inhalational analgesic agent. These agents, like Entonox, help in rapid, safe and effective pain relief.


If the expectant mom is not satisfied with the techniques mentioned above, she can opt for sedation. At any time, the birthing suite has facilities to use epidural analgesia. But, if epidural analgesia is not preferred, sedation is the next available option at the birthing suite for pain relief.

Epidural Analgesia

This is the best option presently available at our birthing suite for labour analgesia. If the expectant mom fear normal delivery only because of the pain, then epidural analgesia is a recommended choice. With epidural analgesia, she can confidently proceed with a normal delivery rather than going for an elective caesarean delivery.

Welcoming the baby as a couple

We value the husband’s presence in our birthing suite and encourage partner participation in labour and delivery. As the mom waits for the destined moment, the presence of her loved one brings in much comfort and relief. For this reason, we have taken care of this simple yet important aspect while designing our birthing suites. While the birth plan is being carried out efficiently, along with her husband, the mom can enjoy a movie, listen to some music or do any other activity that gives a positive distraction from labour pain.


Ensuring good care for the mother and her newborn

Post-delivery, the mother and her baby needs good care to get accustomed to the new phase in their lives. As one of the most advanced gynecology hospitals in Kochi, we have all the facilities to help both of them start the new phase in the best manner . Even after the baby is brought out from the birthing suite, we will be there by his/her side. From here on, our neonatal care team will keep your precious one safe and comfortable. Our expert staff will help the mom regain her strength after the strenuous day. Furthermore, they will assist her in taking good care of her baby.

Trained neonatal nurses will provide personal assistance to the mom for initiating breast feeding. Moreover, she will be given clear guidance on the best breast feeding practices. Mind Body Medicine department helps the mom overcome anxieties. In addition, they offer valuable suggestions to cope with the physical and mental pressures of motherhood.

Our maternity supplies outlet in the MOM block is another convenient facility near the birthing suite. The store has specialized products of highest quality to meet the unique wardrobe and accessory requirements during early motherhood. It also has safe and snug newborn wear and breastfeeding supplies.