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What is a pre-marital health check-up?

Pre-marital health check-ups are carried out on “to-be married’ couples to understand their state of health as they prepare to tie the knot. This is very important in order not to pass on any infectious, transmissible, or genetic disease to the next generation.

It is critical to undertake an unbiased and thorough pre-wedding health check-up to verify the health of both partners as it will prevent any fatal diseases including genetic ones from being transmitted to your children. One may keep in mind that the family background, diet, age, addictions, and routines will greatly influence the results of such tests.

Once you get the test results, you must consult our certified physicians for a proper diagnosis and further remedial action. One can treat most of the diseases through medical advice and medications. Thus, a couple, intending to marry, must undergo such tests at least six months in advance so that they feel healthy and responsible towards their immediate and future familes.

Significance of the pre-marital check-up

Pre-marital health check-up is critical to ensure the following:

  • Present health status of both the groom and the bride
  • Risk of transmitting any infectious disease, such as – hepatitis B, HIV infection, or any sexually transmitted diseases (STD)
  • Risk of transmitting hereditary diseases, such as – thalassemia or sickle cell anemia
  • Threat to inherit mental illness, such as – schizophrenia, depression, Alzheimer’s disease
  • Sexual health of both the partners – sperm count, impotency, ultrasonography, etc
  • Risk of any communicable disease, such as – tuberculosis

What are the tests included in the check-ups?

Tests for blood group


  • Because spouses must know each other’s blood group because of rhesus isoimmunization/blood group incompatibility that affects the fetus hence this test is very important
  • Women with rhesus negative blood group married to rhesus positive husbands have a greater chance of rhesus incompatibility
  • Incompatibility of blood group will help your doctor to plan preventive measures to avoid complications during pregnancy.

Details of tests: Generally, it is a blood test routine and haemoglobin analysis to check if there are blood abnormalities such as Thalassemia trait.

  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) is conducted to know about the inflammation process
  • Blood type & Rh factor, to know the possibility of baby’s blood type. The Blood type & Rh factor are useful for the foetus
  • Blood sugar test to detect incidence of diabetes
  • Levels of cholesterol and ECG to check cardiac conditions and chances of hypertension
  • Screening tests for HIV infection, syphilis, Hepatitis B
  • Semen test for men

Tests for HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases(STDs)

  • To be spouses must request their partners to be screened for these diseases
  • Conditions such as HIV, hepatitis B and C need partners to protect each other and seek adequate medical care
  • STDs can be discovered through premarital tests (gonorrhoea, syphilis, bacterial vaginosis and warts) and treated
  • Such care reduces infertility and miscarriages

Tests for sickle cell gene

  • Sickle cell disease is a debilitating medical condition caused by a defect in red blood cells
  • It is advisable for sickle cell patients not to marry a carrier of the sickle cell gene (AS) because of higher chance of having a baby with the disease in each pregnancy

Complete Urine Test: To monitor kidney function and other disease that is related to kidney or urinary tract

X-rays and ultra-sonography of the abdominal region (in women)

  • Pap smear for women/Semen count test for men

Fertility Tests

  • Fertility test can be carried out if both partners are willing as it helps your doctor to treat fertility issues early as possible
  • Fertility test includes: seminal analysis for the men, hormonal assay for both couples e.g. FSH, LH, Prolactin, Testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone; test for ovulation for the women, pelvic ultrasound scan for any congenital or acquired abnormalities

Tests for possible genetic/ medical conditions

  • Knowledge of possible genetic conditions will help couples seek medical care before these become complicated by organ damages.
  • Such tests should include screening for diabetes, test for hypertension, certain cancers kidney disease and test for Thalassemia

Genetic screening to understand family’s history of diseases

  • TORCH test is conducted to detect the infection caused by Toxoplasma parasite, Rubella virus, Cytomegalo virus (CMV), Herpes virus in which can cause defects on foetus and premature babies

 About CIMAR Pre-Marital Counselling : Our Pre-Marital Counselling is created to help soon-to-be married couple identify if they have any health issues like chronic diseases, infectious disease like Hep B, C, HIV, anaemia, genetic diseases, menstrual problems, etc., and to guide them for management of virus detected.

Tests for you – if you are a man

  • Complete Hemogram
  • Blood Group & Rh Typing
  • RBS
  • HbA1C
  • VDRL
  • HIV
  • HbsAg
  • Urine routine
  • Semen Analysis
  • Consultation with Sexual / Reproductive Medicine
  • Any other tests required after consultation

Tests for you – if you are a woman

  • Complete Hemogram
  • Blood Group & Rh Typing
  • RBS
  • HbA1C
  • VDRL
  • HIV
  • HbsAg
  • Urine routine
  • Pelvic Ultra Sound screening
  • Consultation with Gynaecologist
  • Rubella IgG
  • Any other tests required after consultation.

We’re committed to delivering outstanding pre-marriage health counselling by our experts for healthy relationships.

While you are planning for your wedding, are you also preparing for your marriage?  No matter how “made for each other” a couple may be, problems and differences will inevitably arise. Given the staggering divorce rates, one of the smartest thing you can do is to increase the strength of your marriage through premarital counselling. Through premarital counselling couples are encouraged to discuss topics related to marriage such as communication, decision making, career goals, sex and intimacy, children and parenting role expectations, family relationships and values, etc., It will help partners to improve their ability to communicate, set realistic expectations for marriage and develop conflict resolution  skills.

Remember, preparing for marriage involves more than throwing a party. Take time to build a solid foundation for your relationship.

Why it is important to go for pre-marriage counselling from Gynaecologist?

Know your body: Every girl, whether married or unmarried, should have knowledge about her body. So before marriage, talking to gynaecologist is a good idea. This helps them to improve their understanding of menstrual cycle to manage marriage date and honeymoon time as well as for family planning.

Planning contraception: There are various ways available to use for contraception, with each method having advantages and disadvantages.

First time Intercourse: Meeting the gynaecologist before marriage is an opportunity to clear all your misconceptions and understand the basics about having a successful sexual life.

Pelvic examination: All women should get the complete check up by a gynaecologist. Ideally, annual gynaecology exams should be done to check for any abnormality. If you have not gone for it already, get an appointment at the earliest before marriage. Routine blood test, pap smear and regular pelvic exam can explain the reasons if you are facing any abnormality with your menstrual cycle. Address all the symptoms like painful periods and other discomforts to your doctor. Expert gynaecologist can advise you best on your issues.

Before you say 'I Do'

Tour Our Facilities   

Before you say 'I Do'

Tour Our Facilities   

Our Doctor Say’s

Now-a-days, everybody spends a lot of time and effort to plan for their marriage to make it the most memorable day. But when it comes to pregnancy, most of them are unplanned. Some of the complications which occur early enough are difficult to avoid unless a preconception check up is done. This becomes especially important if you have chronic diseases like diabetes, epilepsy, hypertension, obesity, etc., where a planned pregnancy is desirable.

Dr. Divya Jose, Consultant Gynaecologist

Psychologist’s Words

Couples therapy, relationship coaching, premarital counseling — most people would agree these are all great ways to help your relationship grow and thrive. And yet, no one is ever excited about going to see their therapist. Premarital counseling is a chance for couples to dig up any potential pitfalls that could hinder their marriage from lasting a lifetime. Going to premarital counseling can give you an outside perspective on your relationship, and how to make it last. Establishing a plan and agreeing on money management can prevent a lot of potential disagreements down the road. Some couples are hesitant to go because they think they do not have issues, or are afraid that counseling will dredge up issues that they didn’t know existed. By going to premarital counseling, you can clarify, with the help of a trained professional, the expectations for the marriage and agreements on when to seek outside help.

Mrs. Manna Susan George, Psychologist and Behaviour Therapist

About Counseling

Premarital counselling is a form of counselling – educational, not therapeutic – to help couples develop the skills they will need to support them in having a happy, healthy and lasting marriage. It usually consists of two sittings of 1 hour session with a counselor. We use questionnaires and interview couples separately and later will interpret results together, encourage you to discuss areas of disagreements and help you to set goals accordingly. In addition, your counselor might ask you and your partner questions to find out your unique visions for your marriage and clarify what you can do to make positive changes in your relationships.

Why counseling before marriage?

Acknowledging India’s respect for its culture and social ethics, one can guess that India enjoys a lowest divorce rate. But it is more surprising to know that the divorce rate in India is increasing alarmingly.

An experience that will provide support, learning and a valued mentor relationship as you build a strong marriage. With a national divorce rate hovering, you need an edge. We can help prepare you now for a marriage that will last! Make mentoring part of your preparation process!

You can start now, before you take those vows. Perhaps meet with a marriage mentor who can guide you in setting the proper foundation for a marriage that stands the test of time and the gale-force strength of trials. Don’t skip premarital counseling that can uncover all those unrealistic expectations and the messy baggage you both haul into your relationship – and provide wise words on how you can work through potential issues before they mushroom into major concerns.

Perhaps you’re still waiting for Mr. or Miss Right, currently living with someone, recovering from a bad breakup, or gunshy about re-entering the dating world after a failed first marriage. Whether you’re dating or waiting, you can make positive changes within yourself now that will set the stage for a successful marriage later. Maybe it’s adjusting your “list” of what’s really desirable in a potential mate, setting sexual and emotional boundaries to safeguard your heart, or learning to dispel the many myths our culture perpetuates about sex, romance, and true love.

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