About MOM


MOM is the first premium birth centre in kochi, providing compassionate and personalised care combined with leading-edge medical expertise through our team of skilled providers, including the region’s best obstetricians, gynecologists, radiologists, certified nurse midwives, perinatologists and neonatologists.

The MOM Birth Centre is an initiative from CIMAR, one of the largest fertility centers in India established In the year 1985 by Dr. K. K. Gopinathan . From routine prenatal visits and access to specialists as needed, to a wide array of educational opportunities and birthing options, MOM Birth Centre is committed to providing exceptional care that puts you and your baby first. Our Centre is a place that gives you a caring, warm, and homelike environment to celebrate your journey of motherhood and childbirth, where you are supported and respected as well as safe and secure. Clinical excellence, patient experience, safety and trust are the keystones of our foundation.

Located along the picturesque Cheranellore river, MOM Birth center is situated close enough to Cochin city, yet far enough to spare you the din and bustle of the city. A Great amount of time, effort, and detailing has gone into ensuring optimum patient care and comfort while setting up the centre. Going beyond the conventional approach that dictates hospital architecture, we have tried to present our patients with totally a new feel in terms of service and comfort. MOM offers everything for a happy and peaceful birthing including luxury, comfort and expertise. Focused on the finest things in life, the most luxurious and stylish maternity suites in Kerala are meticulously designed to delight your elite personality.