Every delivery at MOM is conducted in the presence of the neonatal team. This ensures the timely resuscitation of the baby if at all the need arises.

Neonatal department NICU at MOM Premium Women’s Hospital, is quipped with warmers, monitors, perfusors, infusiomets, invasive/non invasive ventilators, blood gas analysers, management of Jaundice – photo therapy, exchange transfusion, IVIg.

Features of MOM NICU :

  • Dedicated space for kangaroo-mothercare (KMC).
  • Metabolic Screening.
  • Bilirubin Screening.
  • Universal Hearing Screening.
  • ROP Screening.
  • Developmental assessment and physiotherapy.
  • Neurosonogram.
  • Vaccinations including optional ones.
  • Ear piercing.
  • Outpatient clinics.