Pregnancy diet

Diet, for my child and me

dietPregnancy diet in general, a healthy and balanced diet is the best. Include proteins, cereals, fruits and vegetables in your diet. A pregnant woman needs daily intake of 65 gm of protein. Amino acids in proteins are essential for the growth of fetus. Milk and milk products, egg white, fish, meat, badam, soya, sprouted nuts and whole green gram are good sources of protein. Scientific studies say 28 gm of vegetables are needed for pregnant woman for it contains all the essential minerals and vitamins. Vegetables are good source of beta-carotene and folic acid that are vital for the development of the foetus. The fibers in vegetables help to reduce constipation. As it is low in calorie, it helps to maintain ideal body weight. Try to include coloured and leafy vegetables for getting different minerals and vitamins. If you have vomiting during the first three months, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Generally, as pregnancy advances nausea and other discomforts will disappear, you will regain appetite, and your energy level will increase. During this time, you can have all the varities of healthy food. In the third trimester, when you start eating you may feel your stomach is full. Then, instead of three meals a day, you can reduce the quantity and increase the number of servings.