Pregnancy Questions

Preparing to have your baby

Pregnancy Questions

Pregnancy Questions

Don’t skip iron and folic acid

We need iron to increase the hemoglobin level in our blood. They transport oxygen from the lungs to different parts of our body. If a person does not have enough iron in his blood, their red blood cells can’t carry sufficient oxygen to the body. As a result, they feel very tired.

During the pregnancy period, the blood volume will be increased to 40-50%. Moreover, iron has to be stored for the newborn. Initially, the accumulated iron content in the mother’s blood is absorbed by fetus, so the mother should have sufficient iron in her blood. There – fore, she needs iron supplements.

Folic acid is essential for the development of the fetus’s brain and spinal cord. If the neural tubes, which are being developed in the early days of the formation of foetus is damaged, it will badly affect the spinal cord and brain. Vitamin B9 is called as folic acid. For the growth of placenta and development of fetus’s body Vitamin B is necessary. Thus, folic acid is indispensable. If you had started, folic acid before conceiving, it would be better for the child.

Pregnancy is different for every woman. Whether you’re having your first baby or a new addition to the family, you’ll have lots of questions.

You can calculate the due date

As you know, the last menstrual date is an important factor to find out the due date. The foetus may be developed in your womb just two weeks after this date. Pregnancy period is counted as 40 weeks from last menstruation. To find out the due date you should count from the first day of the last menstrual period. Here is another method. Count three months back from the last period and add 7. Your time will be around this date. For example, if your last period was on January 1st, your due date will be around October 7th.

Weight gain during pregnancy

A normal healthy pregnant woman should gain 11-14 kg of weight at her 9th month. In the first three months, she may gain only one or two kg. If you have vomiting or nausea, you may lose your weight. Don’t panic. Have a balanced diet. Drink plenty of water and fruit juice to compensate dehydration.

In the second trimester, you may put on one or two kg per month. As the foetus grows quickly in the last trimester, you may gain two to three kg per month. If you are underweight at the time of conceiving, it is ideal to have 12.5 to 18 kg, if you are overweight then, 7 to 11.5 kg is the advisable weight.